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Learn to dance 1940's and 50's Jitterbug Jive, Rock 'n Roll and Swing Jive

About Us

A little bit about Jackie

For me, one of the greatest things about dancing is that it is for anyone and everyone - from professional dancers to dancing professionals.

I love the fact that dancing allows people to express their own creativity; from dancing to a sophisticated and classy big band track, to raw rock n’ roll and soulful R&B. I love it all.

I believe in encouraging people to become their own dancer, experimenting, having fun and finding their own unique style on the dance floor. On the dance floor, we speak to each other in the language of rhythm, connection, leading and following, and every conversation is different.
Everyone is different, moves differently, speaks differently. This is what makes dancing so much fun. Our goal is that when you get out on the dance floor, with the music pumping, you feel confident and ready to experience all the joy and fun of this exact moment.

There is a dance out there for everyone and everybody; you just need to go out and find it. And hopefully, you’ll have great fun and meet some fabulous people along the way.

And a lot about 'The Barrett'

Although I get fantastic pleasure from jiving, I get even more pleasure showing other people how to do it. Anyone who’s been to any of mine and Jackie’s lessons will tell you that they are amongst the most fun lessons you can go to.

There are some fantastic jive teachers around, all with their own individual style of dance and teaching who will succeed in getting you on the dance floor but our relaxed and fun approach will enable most people to join in and jive to typical 3 minute record with a selection of moves after just one lesson. There is no point in learning a move unless you are shown how to link it to other moves and at Bojangles we do just that, right from the start.

I love injecting humour into classes making the whole experience of learning fun. I have found that by putting people at ease, they will pick up the moves a lot quicker which increases their confidence to get on the dance floor sooner and enjoy the social scene a lot more.

At Bojangles we are all about getting people on the dance floor and having fun.
I listen to all genre of music from classical to the current chart sounds but when it comes to jiving, it has to be Rock’n’Roll, with a good measure of Swing and R&B thrown in.

At Bojangles we also hope to introduce you to some great tunes that you may not have heard before. Of course we play all the favourite well known jivers & strollers but, hopefully you’ll go away after each lesson, not only with a couple of new moves but also leave, humming a song or two that you have heard for the first time.

Come and learn to jive to all your favourite rock'n'roll, R&B and swing tracks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.