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Learn to dance 1940's and 50's Jitterbug Jive, Rock 'n Roll and Swing Jive

Our classes

Everybody rotates in our classes so that everyone gets lots of opportunity to dance and practice in class. We work hard to create a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. Besides learning to dance, you’ll find a new social world to explore and enjoy with on-going dances as well as special events.

Please see below for a brief description to each of the class levels. If you do not feel that any of the descriptions reflect your level of experience, then please come and chat to us.

Two classes for the price of one:

We like to encourage people to get the most out of their dancing, so there is now one price for the whole evening. This means that folks coming along to the later Level 2 class and can attend the Level 1 for free. This gives you a chance to revise and polish the basics, (which we always encourage), and it is also great to help out people in the Level 1 class who can really benefit from dancing with some more experienced people during class.

People attending Level 1 are always welcome to stay and watch the Level 2 class and then join in for the social dancing when the class has finished.

Attending for the whole evening provides the added benefit of getting to know everyone in both classes, widening your social circle and dancing with more people!


Our Level 1 classes work on the fundamentals of good technique, basic moves and building confidence.

Maybe you have done a little dancing before or you may be a complete beginner with no dancing experience at all. You may have some experience of other dance genres and want to try something new. Our Level 1 class syllabus will teach you the basics to get you social dancing - by the end of the 12 weeks you will have learned at least 10 moves and be able to link them together.

Classes last for approximately 45mins followed by 15mins practice/social time.

Level 2

Level 2 assumes that you are confident and capable at all moves covered in Level 1. Level 2 has a focus on increasing your repertoire of moves whilst adding some 8 count moves to mix things up a little.

Please attend the Level 1 classes as much as you like to gain confidence before moving on, in fact we positively encourage this. Social dancing will make a big difference to you being ready, so please do make use of the social dancing time after each class if you can!

If you’re not sure if you are ready to move up from Level 1 to Level 2, please ask us to dance with you and get our advice.

Classes last for approximately 45mins followed by 15mins practice/social time.

For all classes, please make sure you have comfy and supportive shoes but not too grippy on the soles.