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Learn to dance 1940's and 50's Jitterbug Jive, Rock 'n Roll and Swing Jive

Our classes

Everybody rotates in our classes so that everyone gets lots of opportunity to dance and practice in class. We work hard to create a warm, friendly and welcoming environment. Besides learning to dance, you’ll find a new social world to explore and enjoy with on-going dances as well as special events.

Please see below for a brief description to each of the class levels. If you do not feel that any of the descriptions reflect your level of experience, then please come and chat to us.


Maybe you have done a little dancing before or you may be a complete beginner with no dancing experience at all. You may have some experience of other dance genres and want to try something new. Our beginner classes work on the fundamentals of good technique, basic moves and building confidence.

Expect to be attending these classes for at least six months before moving to the next class level and to cover the same moves several times using a range of techniques or in different combinations.

We have found that this is the secret to building a strong foundation to your dancing and why you'll often find much more experienced dancers in these classes too. We aim to give some individual pointers to everyone in a class, so feel free to ask for advice and feedback.

Classes last for approximately 45mins followed by 15mins practice/social time.


You can do all the basic moves in class but they don't always work on the social dance floor or you find that it's not easy to adjust to different dance partners. This is very much a transitional stage where you are keen to improve your technique, style and also add some moves to your repertoire.
Our Improvers Class is all about practice so we always recommend that everyone tries to do lots and lots of social dancing and also practice at home if you can. Expect to still be attending weekly Beginner Classes, but at this level you will be able to concentrate more on the quality of your movement and connection with your partner.

We run workshops throughout the year which you should now be able to participate in, and this is also a great stage to consider a private class, either on your own, with a partner, or in a small group (suggested max is 4 people).

Classes last for approximately 45mins followed by 15mins practice/social time.

Intermediate (kingston only)

You are a confident social dancer, able to dance to different tempos and adapt to different partners. You should know basic variations and you are probably regularly attending other dance events and weekend dance camps/festivals.

Intermediate level is where your dancing can really start to take off, and where you should be working on being able to dance responding directly to the music rather than 'doing moves'. You may know some basic six and eight count footwork and we will be working on building on this with some more complex variations in class.

For this stage, it is critical that your dancing builds on really good foundations, so we may occasionally ask people to do some more work on their basics first.

Classes last for approximately 45mins followed by 45 minutes practice/social time.

For all classes, please make sure you have comfy and supportive shoes but not too grippy on the soles.